NVC Dance Floors - Online Coaching

Focused around needs-based awareness, and integrating my long-term experience of supporting people in their growth, these sessions are a place to explore the challenges in your life in a range of ways, including on the NVC Dance Floors. 

Using our interactive online tool I can coach you on any of the NVC Dance Floors online. For this, you need a phone line or Skype (free), and a login for Google Docs (free).

I also offer guidance and supervision for trainers using the Dance Floors. 

And if you are near Oxford, you are welcome to come for an in-person session! 

To contact me about this, please send me an email using the form on the left.    

Information about the NVC Dance Floors       

        Contact us by email:  info@LifeResources.org.uk      by phone: 01865 865008 (UK),  +44 1865 865008 (international)