Events with Bridget Belgrave (click below for details)                 XXXX

Ongoing                       Online Coaching on the NVC Dance Floors (1 to 1 sessions)

Jan 26, Feb 20, Mar 13, Apr 3   Free Online Dance Floor workshops, with Gina and Bridget

Mar 8, Apr , May 14    Online NVC Basics Classes (3 classes, join 1 or more)

March x, y, z                 Online 13 Step Dance small group (3 sessions, join all three)

XXXXXXX                     Online NVC Dance Floor workshops (3 workshops, join 1 or more)

April 14/15                   Prayer-making, Oxford

April XX                        Empathy@Work - open evening, London

April 28??           like a dance, London

May  17                        Empathy@Work - open evening, Oxford

May 31-June 1             Co-creating a sustainable world, Wageningen, Netherlands

June 13                        Empathy@Work - open evening, London

June 16               like a dance, Oxford

June 17                        Practise the 13 Step Dance, Oxford

June 30                        A Song for our Time, London

July 14                          Empathy: What When How, Oxford

Sep 27-30                     Experience the NVC Dance Floors, Lebensgarten, Germany

Oct 1-3                          Coaching the NVC Dance Floors, Lebensgarten, Germany

Dates to suit you          Personal coaching in a small group, Oxford

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Past workshops: 2011

Jan 27-30                  Les Pistes de Danse CNV, Lyon, France (in French)

Feb 12-13                  Festival van de Geweldloze Communicatie, Netherlands

Sat Mar 5                   Communication . . . is like a dance, Malvern, UK

March 11-13               The NVC Dance Floors, Rotterdam, Netherlands (in English)

Sat April 16                 Prayer-making, Oxford, UK

Sat May 7                    Communication . . . is like a dance, Oxford, UK

June 11-12                  Co-creating a Sustainable World, Oxford, UK

Sat Oct 15                The Anger Dance - Day 1 - Introduction, Oxford

Sun Oct 16               The Anger Dance - Day 2 - For practice, Oxford

Sat Nov 19      like a dance, London

Dec 5, 12,19 (evenings)  Online NVC Dance Floors workshop, everywhere!

Sat Dec 10               Prayer-Making, Oxford

Jan 14-15  (2012)    Experience 3 Dance Floors, Eindhoven, Netherlands 

Feb 10-12   (2012)    Festival van de Geweldloze Communicatie, Netherlands

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