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Prayer - a personal relationship
This article first appeared in the October 2022 issue of Thresholds, published by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) - the quarterly professional journal of BACP Spirituality division. ©BACP 2023.’

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What is unbearable? 
published on the 'Kicking the Bucket: A Festival of Living and Dying’ blog, 2016

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Jack’s Funeral
published as one of the 45 stories in ‘Empathy Stories’, edited by Mary Goyer, 2016

Empathy Stories is a collection of uplifting stories and anecdotes highlighting empathy-in-action in real conversations. These stories show what’s possible when compassion comes first between family, co-workers, and perfect strangers in difficult – even life threatening – interactions.

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Empathy Stories is available as a paperback book or Kindle e-book on Amazon

Speaking from the Heart - the power of Nonviolent Communication in practice

published in Resurgence, issue 246, Jan/Feb 2008

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Needs as a Prayer for all Beings

published in The Journal of Interbeing, 1999

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Life TImes interview with Bridget in 2002

published on the Life Times website

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NVC - Key Ingredients

published in O&P, the journal of the Association for Management Education and Development, 1999

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Communication That Simply Works

published in O&P, the journal of the Association for Management Education and Development, 1998

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Without Judgment or Blame
A 28 minute podcast: Carl Munson interviews Bridget on Traydio, 2008 

Listen: Without Judgment or Blame

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