Short notice online courses

I’m experimenting with a new way of planning workshops.

I will decide on a topic, date etc, about a month before a course, and then send the information to my mailing list.

If you want to hear about these courses please join my mailing list, via the box on the left. 

Mention topics that interest you, if you wish. 


Past workshops in various countries include:
NVC & 
Prayer: connections, triggers, discoveries
NVC Dance Floors: for trainers, group leaders and coaches
Transforming Fear on the Self Empathy Dance
Intention and Attention as Keys to NVC
An Inner Journey on the NVC Dance Floors
RelationshiFt: for couples
Handling your own Anger
Handling other people's Anger
Self Empathy Dance: an online experience
NVC Foundation Training
NVC Basics: course for adults with dyslexia
Experience three Dance Floors
Empathy: what, when, how
Listening among the Trees
Prayer-making: for people of any religion or none

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