A Children's Novel:

'Zak' by Bridget Belgrave

Full of adventure, humour, magic and discovery, ‘Zak’ conveys the values of empathy, connecting with wild nature, honouring differences, and being your unique self. Most loved by 7-12 year olds and adults, ‘Zak’ is a 150 page novel. 
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Ways of learning, experiencing and teaching Nonviolent Communication (NVC):

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The NVC Dance Floors, by Bridget Belgrave and Gina Lawrie

A method for learning, practicing and teaching NVC that engages all learning styles. The nine Dance Floor card sets are available in eight languages. There are also 3 DVDs showing this process in action (subtitled in 6 languages), and a Facilitator's Handbook (in English and German). 
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Three 'Dance Floor' DVDs

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1) The 13 Step Dance for Dialogue: role play challenging conversations to increase understanding and cooperation

2) The Self Empathy Dance: take some time for self-care, inner clarity and self empowerment+

3) The Anger/Shame Dance: tranform anger and shame to reconnect with what really matters

Subtitles in English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Swedish.

These DVDs will deepen your understanding of NVC, and show you how to use the NVC Dance Floors in workshops, 1-to-1 sessions, practice groups and at home.

Each DVD has a 12 minute intro film: 'The Magic of the NVC Dance Floors', and an Intro to that ‘Dance', 2 or 3 live coached 'Dance Floor processes', and group discussions. Total running time of each DVD is 2 hours. The DVDs are in PAL format. 

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Beyond Right and Wrong - an introduction to Nonviolent Communication

A 1 hour DVD of a talk at a conference in 2004, by Bridget Belgrave 

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An Impromptu Introduction to Nonviolent Communication

Presented by Bridget Belgrave. This is a 1 hour DVD filmed somewhat unexpectedly in 2001! 

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Connect with Respect, by Bridget Belgrave

This pack consists of a handbook, a 25 minute film on DVD and a data CD containing the materials used in the 'Nonviolent Communication and Urban Beats Film Project', which Bridget co-led with Jane Wheeler. This project took place in east London in 2004, with twenty-one 17 year-old students from New VIc College. 

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A Key to NVC: Tools for Facilitators

This data CD carries a range of items based around this popular model, developed by Bridget Belgrave and used by NVC trainers around the world. The PowerPoint included on the CD has English, Dutch and German versions. 

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